This Luxury Bag Will Take You From the Boardroom to the Ballroom

Day-to-night dressing is tricky. Unusual is the cubicle-friendly look that also will wow through cocktail hour. Yet there are some pieces which work double duty. Think: a classic LBD, or sneakers like a straightforward strappy heel or some cool brogue–things which are at home in the boardroom or the pub. If it comes to the luggage section, however, things could be a little trickier. A huge bag for your laptop does not precisely say”night on the town.” Call HR! But there’s a new crossbody bag style that does the trick–and celebrities are showing you how to use it.

The no-brainer tote in question: a ordered crossbody bag, which is a favorite among trendsetters the last few months. Among this year’s chicest is Valentino’s VSling womens crossbody bags, which comes with a subtle V logo and a variety of leather colorways. Like-minded styles are spotted on celebrities like Kate Bosworth, who gave her immaculate white tote a cool evening texture with a head-to-toe red outfit.
Other trendy stars have been seen in likewise shaped bags too. Emily Ratajkowski gave her brown stitched crossbody a professional sense with a ordered blazer and knee-high boots. The takeaway? A shapely hands-free tote is the best purchase of the year, not to mention a foolproof gifting idea for the holiday season.