Holiday-goers make them the accessory of summer——basket bags

You know we’re in the center of a very neutral summer. Anywhere you look, there are lace dresses, sandy-coloured plaited rugs, uncooked plaster walls and griege pottery… Golden hour highlights would be the aesthetic of Summer 2019 and the accessory that sets off this home spunback to nature colour palette? The plaited straw Top Handle Bags. It is the best combination of pure materials, light tones and sunshine holiday vibes and earnings of baskets at NET-A-PORTER.
Our favorite Instagrammers have dropped for the basket because it is the perfect carry-all for summer days out and trips as well giving your outfit an instantly’well travelled’ appearance. Just like you picked it up in a modest artisan store away from the beaten track in Ibiza or on a market stall you stumbled across in St Tropez (even though it arrived in a sleek black box from Net-a-porter. com…).

basket bag

Authenticity is fashion’s biggest buzzword, following sustainability, but if there’s a basket made boujee with a Loewe leather plaque, we’re there. Loewe, made by Northern Irish-born Jonathan Anderson has made a leather trimmed basket bag, woven out of durable palm leaves, which is the basket that is grabbing the limelight right now. “It is definitely not always sensible,” Alice told GLAMOUR,”but I like it lets folks know you’re not taking life too seriously! There is something very romantic about all of those black and white images of Jane Birkin moving a basket tote around.”
Truly Brigitte Bardot and Birkin would be the icons to emulate when it comes to basket carrying. Though Jane famously had Hermes title the Birkin for her (when she sat alongside former artistic director Jean-Louis Dumas on a trip and told him what her fantasy – non-basket – bag would look like) it’s Birkin’s insouciant style that always chimes with the basket.