Elizabeth Hurley Goes Cheap Using a Bright Michael Kors bags Tote

The last time we saw Elizabeth Hurley leaving her London house, she had been carrying one of those rarest Birkins in the world. You can currently get this medium-sized tote in black saffiano leather at Nordstrom.

black saffiano leather
Now, I’d love to take a little time to talk about Liz Hurley’s thoroughly ridiculous hidden wedge designer UGG boot. . .reinterpretations. They’re too foul, and that I feel they ought to be ripped off her feet and tossed on a flaming trash heap by a mob of angry London fashionistas – but I must know who makes them. I want to one Michael Kors bags .

best black saffiano leather

I know that I could depend on one (or many ) of our faithful readers to know who makes these fur-lined monstrosities.