Do You Put Your Wallet In Front Or Back Pocket Review?

A lot of people ask us- a) does your mens wallet snap get in the way? B) would be your pockets designed to be stored on front or rear pocket? The short answer is”no”, and”both” respectively. Pretty much everyone at Couch includes a Couch Wallet- a few people use them at our front pocket, a number of us in our back, but all of us love them. The thinline breeze enclosure keeps our stuff secure and remains out of the way so far as thickness goes, as well as the auto upholstery material we use is strong, so we are able to leave the wallets un-lined for the thinnest entire profile and these infants last decades.
Our pro-skater buddy Chet Thomas after told us his chiropractor said that sitting down with a wallet in your back pocket is one of the #1 strategies to get your spine out of equilibrium and lead to wallet back pain. That was enough for us and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying our Couch men’s vegan wallets in front pocket ever since. Besides, your pocket is safer in the pickpocket on your front pocket. But then again others people here just keep em in the back and are absolutely happy so what do you do? Whichever pocket you utilize, our pockets hold up to about 12 cards and invoices and receipts and still stay surprisingly slim…
If you’re worried about losing your wallet, consider first about getting rid of all the old crap you do not need: receipts from a year before, club cards you can just store the numbers on your phone, 23 business cards of people you’ll never call, JC Penney Cards…. You have the picture. Once you’re here you frequently realize it is less about the wallet or pocket and much more concerning the crap you’ve been hucking around.


All this said some people have been asking us to leave the snap off, which we just begun to do on our newest Cork Wallets by particular request on the drop down. We like the safety of a snap, but if you prefer your wallet free of snap enclosure at this point you have that instead at Couch Guitar Straps with these pockets!
Now if you’re able to get it down to just a card or 2 and some money, try our Slimline Wallets made of classic VW vinyl.