Bottega Veneta’s Padded Cassette Gets a Chunky Chain Makeover for Pre-Fall 2020 Review

It has been enormous changes all around because Daniel Lee took over the creative reigns at Bottega Veneta, also for Pre-Fall 2020, one of Lee’s newest cult favourite luggage got a large makeover. While we spotted this updated layout last January when we introduced the brand’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection, today we are taking another look at this brand new layout, which is sure to be an extremely enviable hit.

New for Pre-Fall, the Chain Casette takes the body of the first Padded Cassette Bag and adds a show stopping chunky chain strap. True to his aesthetic, Lee has taken a classic handbag element–the chain strap–and exaggerated its proportions to put in a different and ultra-cool detail to an already beloved bag.
Readily available in a rainbow of colors from bright green and crimson red to neutrals like black and white, The Chain Casette is crafted from shiny Nappa cushioned leather strips, which are interlaced to create an oversized weave. Though the leather version offers more versatility in the strap is adjustable, the string iteration is thought to work as a womens crossbody bags with a strap which isn’t adjustable. A more compact chain detail hangs off the front part of the bag so that a hand could be tucked through, allowing the bag to be carried as a clutch with the strap working as a detail. It is worth noting that although the first Casette is extremely lightweight and easy to carry, the brand new chain detail will likely add to the bag total weight.
Apart from its own chain, this Casette is not really that different from the first, offering an inner zip pocket in addition to a magnetic closure. View more details through our informative article on the Bottega Veneta Padded Casette here. While the initial Padded Cassette sells for $2,800, The Chain Casette is now available for Pre-Order via Bottega Veneta for $3,800.